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If you want to link with me then here are some banners that you can host on your website and link to .  It'd be really awesome of you and it will help me out a lot!  It will give you one more thing to bond with your friends over!  Isn't that awesome?!


Not feeling very altruistic?  Well, if you want to do a banner exchange then contact me via e-mail at
I'll be honest with you.  We don't get very many readers online.  We have 10,000 readers for the newspaper we are printed in at University of California, Irvine.  However online we don't get nearly as many.  Click here for more information on our traffic.

To compensate for our low numbers we offer more than your typical comic will.  Not only will we exchange banners but we will also give a detailed report about your comic to "sell" it to the reader.  In addition to that but you get 2 weeks of your banner on our front page, for free! (2 weeks is defined as 2 updates.  So if I'm not posting any comics then your banner will stay up longer!)

What does the write-up about your comic entail?
*your banner here* *A quick review/synopsis of your comic.*
What and what got together to make this comic? *I will write a romantic or perhaps not even remotely romantic story about who the "parents" of your comic are. I.E. "Peanuts took a class with Get Fuzzy in college.  It started as a fling but they got married and 9 months later *your comic here* was born."  *This isn't a list of your influence. This is what I think your comic is like.*
I'm still not sure what this is like.  Is there a comic would give me a good idea? *I post a link to any particular comic you may have that shows what you're about the most.*