Mr. Faux Goes to Washington

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Treize Faux

Treize is a wonderful liar, conman and manipulator who is willing to go through any lengths in order to achieve his ends.  In other words, he's a politician.  At least, he is now.  This former assembly line worker struggles to fix what is wrong with America.

Mr. Faux first appears on the 29th of September 2008.
Personal History:
1978: March day 22: Born at St. John Hospital & Medical Center in Detroit to William and Jane Faux.
1996: June: Graduates from High School.
         September: gets employed full time at Target.
1997: October: Fired for playing the N64 demo while on the job.
          November: Seasonal employment at Autozone
1998: January: Jane Faux's health declines and Treize stays at home to care for her.
          November: Jane Faux's health returns to normal.
          December: Gets a full time job at Rod's Cool Hot Rodz: Body Shop, Tint, Maintenance and
1999: February: Enrolls part time in Wayne County Community College
2002: June: Receives an associates degree from Wayne County Community College in Automotive           
                  Service Technology
          September: Transfers to Wayne State University. Majors in Electrical Engineering and Mechanical
                             Engineering. Minors in Computer Science.
          November: Meets Perdita Vulpine.
2004: September: Marries Perdita Vulpine 
                             Drops out of Wayne State University
                             Gets hired as an assembly line worker for the Ford Motor Company
2006: September: day 22 Perdita Vulpine Faux sees a doctor after feelings of abdominal discomfort.
                            day 23 Laid off at Ford Motor Company
                            day 30 Perdita Vulpine Faux is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer
2007: January:Widowed
          February: Hospitalized and placed under suicide watch
2008: Ran on the Democrat ticket to represent the state of Michigan in the Senate.
Jon Lyndon

Jon Lyndon is naive about politics and is convinced that although Hillary Kitten has decided to retire, that she still stands a chance of being re-elected through write-ins votes.

Jon first appears on the 29th of September 2008.
Lucrezia Wulff

Lucrezia Wulff is Mr. Faux's honest, hardworking and loyal campaign manager.  She is idealistic about the election process.  She is a firm believer in the idea that the true argument shall always be the strongest one.  She advocates honest campaigning and would rather lose than fight dirty.  Lucrezia has always had a fierce temper but through martial arts training she has learned the self discipline needed to hold back.

Lucrezia first appears on the 13th of October 2008. 
Personal History:
1982: May day 19: Born at Chelsea Community Hospital in Chelsea, Michigan to Robert and Ginger Wulff
1998: 2nd place at State Championships for Track and Field
1999: Wins mock trial state championship
2000: Wins mock trial national championship
          State Champion for Track and Field
2001: June: Graduates from High School
          August: Moves to Berkley, California.
2006: Graduated from University of California, Berkley with a Bachelor's in Political Science.
2007: Semi-finalist in Northern California Mixed Martial Arts Tournament.
2008: Graduated from University of California, Berkley with a Master's in Political Science.
          Returned to Michigan and worked for the Faux campaign.
Sally Poe

Sally Poe is a biology major at Wayne State University who is eagerly awaiting her chance to help turn the wheels of democracy.  Her first step toward political involvement was to volunteer for the Faux campaign.  This is proving less than fulfilling because her only responsibilities involve answering the phone and getting coffee.

Sally first appears on the 13th of October 2008. 
Steven Wilson Moss

Steven Moss is a computer science major with a minor in philosophy at Wayne State University.  Always being socially awkward Moss has always been amazed with the interactions of people.  With pressure from his parents he went into computer science but has since adapted his curiosities of human interaction by studying how the internet affects human understandings of each other and reality.  His theories about the exhibitionism of the internet have caused him to become cynical about human honesty.  He joined the Faux campaign to test his theories of manipulation, rhetoric, and if the human creature can ever be genuine.  As an amateur philosopher he is overzealously detail oriented with his work.

Steven first appears on the 2nd of November 2009.